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Ezequiel Tapia Silver Jewelry

With 15 years experience in the field, Ezequiel Tapia has a silver shop located in the city of Taxco Guerrero. It is a workshop that produced all his designs . It has the machinery and tools necessary for the production of all its jewels. And also with specialized people to carry out the task. Owning a workshop is a great advantage because this way you can control the quality of all the designs he creates and streamline production . The workshop production capacity is about 25 kg per month.


During the year we made about 15 collections from jewelery and decorative items, each with its own essence . The silver used is of the highest quality and is free of nickel . Each piece has a different finished depending on design needs. Some of his most important collections are: Ice Collection , Collection Evolution , Collection Crisis, Unite Collection , Collection Earth colors among others.